Metal Machine – Free Nation (2014)

metal machine cd
metal machine cd

Metal Machine – Free Nation (2014)


Track Listing:
1. Skull and Bones
2. Nailed to the Cross
3. Detox
4. Morning Star
5. World of Temptation
6. Hellraiser
7. Lord of War
8. Black Sun
9. Free Nation


Review: (Hardrockhaven)
“…Csaba Zvekan’s vocal performance on other albums may be noteworthy due to just how much he sounds like a young Rob Halford, but it’s here on the appropriately-named Metal Machine that he really takes that influence to a new level. Halford’s solo albums Resurrection and Crucible are clearly the template for Metal Machine, as is Judas Priest’s classic Painkiller album. In fact, Free Nation makes for a much better follow-up to Crucible than Halford IV: Made of Metal ever did. You know exactly what this means: Free Nation is going to have high speed riffs, thundering rhythms and above all the piercing vocal delivery worthy of Rob Halford in his prime (though Zvekan’s cleaner, lower register is quite different from Halford’s)…”



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